4 Big Problems That Will Destroy Your Relationship Quickly 

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4 Big Problems That Will Destroy Your Relationship Quickly 

4 Big Problems That Will Destroy Your Relationship Quickly 

This new 3 part blog series reveals [How To Create A Happy, Loving, Trusting And Fulfilling Relationship]. Blog 1 4 Big Problems That Will Destroy Your Relationship Quickly. 

In this first part of this blog series you'll discover 4 Big Problems That Will Destroy Your Relationship Quickly if you don't fix them.

You Are Here - Part 1: 4 Big Problems That Will Destroy Your Relationship Quickly ​

Part 2: How To Break Your Negative Relationship Trap ​

Part 3: ​How To Save Your Relationship 

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Stephen Boylan Dip Couns, PG Cert, REG MBACP

If you don't know me by now, my name is Stephen Boylan I am the managing director of clear minds limited and I'm also the founder of Counsellors Directory.

To begin with in this very first blog in this three-part blog series I'm going to be revealing the four big problems that will destroy your relationship quickly if you don't fix them.​

What I'd love to do first before I dive into that, I’d love to share with you why​ It's important that you listen to me and what qualifies me to help you to create a happy loving trusting and fulfilling relationship.​

For the past seven years have successfully worked with thousands of couples and individuals to help them to create happy, loving trusting and fulfilling relationships.

I've done this by helping them to address four big problems.​


1. Fulfilment 

The very first problem that has been repeatedly presented to me for the past seven years in couples counselling and in individual relationship counselling is that my clients have no excitement in their relationship and no excitement in their life.

They don't feel like getting up in the morning. They are not motivated in their relationship anymore like they use to be.

It feels like they are stuck on a hamster wheel, doing the same things day in and day out.

Getting up, getting the kids ready for school, going to work, coming home having tea and going to bed.

The same things are being done on a day in day out. This problem is they have no fulfilment.

THE Relationship Foundations Blueprint 

Fulfilment is a key relationship foundation. This diagram is what I call THE Relationship Foundations Blueprint.

The very first foundation in that blueprint is what I called Fulfilment. Fulfilment is about feeling excited.

It's about doing things that give you excitement, enjoyment and pleasure in your relationship and in your personal life.

If you've got no fulfilment and you're not doing things that create fulfilment then you’re going to be constantly be feeling down.

You're going to be constantly feeling angry and annoyed and this is going to have a negative impact on your relationship.

It’s like you have took one of the key foundations away from your relationship.

No fulfilment, is the very first problems that needs to be resolved quickly if you want to stop your relationship from being destroyed.

If you're looking to feel more fulfilled, then you'll find this 3 Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Tips To Reclaim Your Happiness blog really helpful. 

2. Communication

The second big problem what I see time and time again is when a couple come to see me in my office.

They are sat there talking to each other and eventually they both start to talk at the same time.

I notices that their voices become louder and louder and before I know it and before they even know it, they are stuck in a big blazing argument.

I've seen this happen on many occasions and couples report to me this is what happens when they are at home but a lot more than when they are in my counselling office.

Never the less, what's happening is there is no effective communication and this is a massive problem.

If you've got no effective communication in your relationship, if you're not listening to your partner and if your partner isn't listening to you

This is a massive problem, it's like taking another foundation away from your relationship.

Has you can see the foundations to your relationship are like a building and if you take away them foundations the roof of the building starts to fall.

If you take away fulfilment foundation and if you take away that communication foundation then your relationship is going to struggle.  

Therefore, if there are fulfilment or communication problems in your relationship, then you need to fix them quickly to stop your relationship from being destroyed.

3. Trust

The third area is a massive problem and it’s presented to me on a regular basis. My clients say to me partner has had an affair and I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to trust them again.

I don’t know if I can get past this and they report that they are constantly feeling anxious because of the affair.

This is obviously going to have a massive impact on their relationship and they are also constantly feeling angry with the partner which has a massive impact on the relationship too.

There needs to be trust in your relationship if you want to create a happy, loving, trusting and fulfilling relationship.

Trust is the third foundation and without trust you and or your partner will struggle to feel safe and secure and this will result in you feeling anxious and or angry.

If you're looking to build trust in your relationship, then your ideal next step is to read this blog 7 Tips For Building Trust In A Relationship.​

If you're looking to deal with infidelity then this blog is the ideal blog to read How To Deal With Infidelity.

4. Love

The final problem, which is probably the biggest one out of all four problems is no love. There needs to be love in your relationship.

I get this presented to me regular basis is that couples are not doing things that they use to do at the beginning of their relationship that create that spark to their relationship.

They have stopped going out on dates, they have stopped being romantic with each other and buying each other nice things.

They had stopped doing things that made each other feel wanted, needed, loved and special. 

It’s important to understand that without love and passion your relationship is doomed and therefore if you have these problem they need to be fixed quickly.

These are the four foundations that you need to work on if you want to create a happy, loving, trusting and fulfilling relationships and without these foundations you can see that your relationship will fall flat on the floor.

4 Big Problems That Will Destroy Your Relationship Quickly

If you have any or all of these problems in your relationship, it’s really important that you read the next blog in this 3-part bog series.

Because I’m going to be revealing the areas that you need to focus on if you want to strengthen these four foundations.

If you want your relationship to be strong then you need to understand the four areas that you need to be focus on.

I hope you have found the 4 Big Problems That Will Destroy Your Relationship Quickly blog useful. 

Don’t forget to share this blog on your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn because this will really help other people to get access to this valuable information.

What do you think about the THE Relationship Foundations Blueprint? Please answer below in the get in touch message box...

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Stephen Boylan is the CEO of Clear Minds Limited and he is also the Founder of the Counsellors Directory. Stephen has over 11 years experience of working within a range of different professions including; Youth Work, Substance Misuse, Youth Offending, Health and Social Care, Counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Pychotherapy, and Relationship Counselling. Stephen now specialises in helping people to deal with depression and anxiety related problems.

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